Current Availability

We are full until 2020. Availability at our campuses usually occurs August - October each year. Families who secure the summer vacancies usually do so by signing up the year prior.

The good news is we've secured a lease for an additional location we anticipate opening by late spring/summer. However, there is no firm date as of yet. We do not host tours or contact families until space becomes available. This includes the new campus and current campuses.

Families who sign up for the waitlist will receive updates on construction and availability once there is more information to share. In the meantime, we do not provide updates regarding waitlist status.

Waitlist Link

If you are interested in placing your little one on our waitlist, please use the link below. It collects and populates families information by the date you sign up.

You can prioritize any campus of your choice. We will let families know the availability at all campuses when they arise regardless of campus chosen. .