Tucked away at Turkey Thicket 

Petit Scholars North has smaller classes, making for a quiet and relaxing space for children. 

Amenities for Children

  • Across the street from the Turkey Thicket playground
  • Weekly trips to the Turkey Thicket splash park in hot weather
  • Field trips to DC Vet a few doors down

Amenities for Families

  • Convenient to DC Vet
  • Pizza carryout in the same complex
Petit Scholars North Brookland Teachers

Petit Scholars North Brookland Teachers

Parents Say...

Ms. Rosi was a perfect companion for our curious and mischievous toddler. She could match his energy, and he loved it. It was so much fun to see them having a blast together.
— Aaron and Amber
Ms. Margarita has been a phenomenal teacher for our daughter. For over a year, from 4 months to 16 months, she made sure our daughter was learning, growing, playing, and developing.
— Allyson
We appreciate Miss Claudia’s creative care! My daughter enjoys circle time so much that in the evenings, she pretends she is Miss Claudia and we are the students. We sit in a circle and sing the songs she learned at school.
— Jayne