Our first school

Petit Scholars South is at the corner of 12th and Hamlin NE and has four distinct classes: Infants, Walkers, 2 year olds, and 3 year olds. 

Amenities for Children

  • Fenced-in, outdoor play space
  • Walkable to Noyes Park
  • Four classrooms offer dedicated space to infants, walkers, young toddlers, and "pre-preschool"

Amenities for Families

  • Menomale, Masala Story, and Brookland's Finest within a few blocks for family-friendly dining
  • Primrose Bistro across the street; perfect for date night!
Petit Scholars South Brookland teachers

Petit Scholars South Brookland teachers

Parents Say...

Ms. Imani has been one of the joys for us as parents this past year... She’s wonderful at engaging with our son and all his friends on their level, whether it’s stopping to watch construction while out on a walk or bringing back hermit crabs from vacation for the class to study.
— Skye and Mike
Going back to work was hard, but the smile on my baby’s face when I drop him off to Ms. Atiya makes it easier. Knowing that he is loved on and well cared for during the day has made all the difference to our family.
— Daniella
Ms. Leticia is such a loving, sweet teacher and is adored by our son. When we asked him which friends he wanted to invite to his 3-year-old birthday party, the first thing he said was ‘my best friend Ms. Leticia.” That about says it all.
— Beth